Narrative Fiction: Heaven Onstage | The Serenade of Day and Night | Shattered Glass

In this episode of The Written Word: Narrative Fiction & Nonfiction Storytelling, André Visperas shares his poems “Heaven Onstage,” “The Serenade of Day and Night,” and “Shattered Glass.” His first poem, “Heaven Onstage,” is about one’s love for the theatre as a platform to engage sight, sound, feelings, and emotions. “The Serenade of Day and Night” is a love song for Night sung by Day, and “Shattered Glass” is an introspection into life and one’s journey so far. André is a first-year student at NU-Q and an aspiring communication major. Passionate about film and theatre, he hopes to direct NU-Q’s first musical production, as well as make inspiring films. He is also a singer (and starting to write his own songs), and an actor.

We hope that you are enjoying this new segment and that listening to fiction and nonfiction short stories, poems, and personal essays can make us feel more connected, especially during this time of social distancing and self-isolation. If you’d like to contribute and share your work, please get in touch with us. You can email us at [email protected], DM us on Instagram and Twitter @yourtdq, or reach us via Facebook at The Daily Q.

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