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What It Is Like To Be Part of Rwanda’s Post-Genocide Generation

Nadege Bizimungu

Do May 27, 2020

In this interview, Cindy Gikundiro gives us an insight into what it is like to be part of Rwanda's post-genocide generation. Interviewer: Nadege Bizimungu Guest: Cindy Gikundiro Credits  Numbers and Statistics:

5 Spring Outfit Ideas

Farina Amir, Multimedia Reporter

Do March 7, 2020

[Interactive] A History Lesson on the Rising Peninsula – Satellite Images 34 Years Apart (1984 vs 2018)

Muhammad Abdullah Imran Tahir, Multimedia Reporter

Do March 1, 2020

1 - Dukhan Region Oil exploration in the Dukhan region began as early as the 1930s. However, the modern city came to be when Qatar Petroleum (QP) started investing in megaprojects such as the NGL-4. To provide infrastructure and utilities, the QP...

Backyard Battle 2020: Recap

Moom Thahinah, Multimedia Reporter and Cartoonist

Do February 29, 2020

Spring Break: Expectations VS Reality

Moom Thahinah, Multimedia Reporter and Cartoonist

Do February 28, 2020

Are you trying to stay active during the break?  ...

Students Speak Different Arabic Dialects

Farouk Essalhi, Multimedia Reporter

Do February 22, 2020

Qatar National Sports Day Recap

Muhammad Shahan Ejaz and Muhammad Abdullah Imran Tahir

Do February 14, 2020

  Since 2012, the second Tuesday of February has been celebrated as Qatar National Sports Day. Here is a recap of Qatar National Sports Day 2020's sports activities in Education City....

The Daily Q Presents:

The Daily Q Presents:

Do November 30, 2019

The Daily Q Presents: Culture Complex

Moom Thahinah and Farina Amir

Do November 25, 2019

We chose few university students from different countries and asked them to address the stereotype connected to their culture and also some interesting and lesser known facts. Watch the video to learn more about what they sai...

The Daily Q Presents: Curly Girl Diaries

Inaara Gangji, Magazine Writer

Do November 18, 2019

Having curly hair is not a norm in society, therefore women find it difficult to adorn their natural hair with confidence. This video explores the lives of women who have taken on the confidence to wear their natural hair and...

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