10 things every university student experiences the first week back

Habibah Abass, Magazine Writer

From waking up too early to wardrobe disasters, here are some struggles every student faces during their first week back.

1. When you wake up at 8 a.m. for the first time in three months and your body doesn’t thank you for it.

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2. When you wear the outfit you’ve been planning in your head for the first day back but it doesn’t look quite right.






















3. When you walk into the building and see people who are a little too excited to be back.













4. When you get 693,546,252 textbooks for just one class.











5. When you have to introduce yourself 1,234,567 times throughout the week.

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6. When every professor says you’ll be reading 100 pages a week for their class and you realize that you’ll need an extra week every week to make it work.















7. When the professor announces that there will be multiple group projects.












8. When you try to get a sense of which class will ruin your GPA this semester.











9. When you take the “easy A” class your “friend” recommended and realize that they are no friend of yours.










10. When the week is finally over and you realize that you’ve been exaggerating and everything is going to be JUST FINE.

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