“Younès Rahmoun: Little Worlds, Complex Structures” at VCUarts Qatar

VCUarts Qatar opened its one month exhibit of Younès Rahmoun’s “Little Worlds, Complex Structures”  on Sept. 19.

Rahmoun is a Moroccan visual artist who works extensively with geometry and math. Rahmoun’s artwork spans across a variety of mediums, including installation, drawing, performance and multimedia, which often incorporate his interaction with geometry and math. Rahmoun uses these devices to explore social environments and theological belief systems in depth.

“Little Worlds, Complex Structures” exhibits three of Rahmoun’s artworks; “Jabal-Hajar-Turab #11” (2018), “Markaba” (2016)  and “Khamsa” (2011). Each of these pieces incorporate geometry, nature and creative expressions to “give shape to ways of seeing and imagining constellations of small worlds and complex structures in daily life and the universe,” as described in the exhibition brochure. The exhibition is open in the VCUarts Qatar gallery from September 19 to October 20, 2018.

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