How to dress for career fair

Saad Ejaz, Photographer

The annual career fair is on Feb. 6 and 7, 2018, at the HBKU student center ballroom, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. Keep in mind, employers take dress code very seriously. You, however, haven’t changed out of those sweatpants since your high school graduation. Have no fear, weary sophomores or battle-hardened seniors. Follow this style guide and you (hopefully) will not show up at a company booth with a university blanket and beach sandals. Here are some do’s and don’ts for the career fair 2018.


1. Do: The classic 

The classic outfit is the easiest way to look smart and elegant. For ladies, you can wear a knee-length pencil skirt or collared blouse, and for men, suits would be a great choice. Stick to dark or neutral shades because they are easy to pull off and give you a mature and graceful look. These outfits are ideal for both interviews and work.

Erzum Naqvi and Juyoung Choi


2. Do: The business casual

Business casual is a popular dress code in many workplaces, although the exact guidelines really depend on different industries. A typical business casual outfit for ladies is a black blazer, and for men, suits worn in a versatile and mix-and-match fashion is recommended. Avoid hats, untucked shirts, and sneakers because they can easily make your outfit look too casual.

Hatim Rachdi and Ifath Sayed


3. Do: The semi-casual

These options give you more room to breathe and express yourself. Feel free to skip the tie or wear a long coat. However, casual does not mean sloppy. The point is to look sharp and professional, but with a bit of your own personality visible. These outfits are perfect for a formal setting like the career fair or a job interview.

Manan Bhavnani and Oleksandra Kotsyrii


4. Do: The traditional

Showing up in an abaya or thobe is the most comfortable yet socially acceptable way to dress up for the career fair. Again, stick to simple yet elegant designs and feel free to use accessories for a personal touch.

Hazar Al-Kilani and Omar Al-Ansari


5. Don’t: dress too extravagantly

This would be the perfect dress for a ballroom or the red carpet but is impractical for the workplace.

Zoe Zai


6. Don’t: dress too casually

This may be ideal for creative industries but may not work for a formal occasion like the career fair.

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