Welcome to the new Daily Q!

Since its inception in October 2010, The Daily Q has aimed to be the voice of students from all over Education City. We have faced several challenges as we continue to learn and develop as a news publication, but our first priority has always been to provide a fair and balanced view of the issues we face together. From academic changes to updates on housing policies, from student-run events to coverage of international politics, we want to make sure that we cover a wide range of stories.

We have been growing steadily, both in the number of stories and the size of our reporting team, over these past few years. To keep up with the needs of our time and the demands of our audience, we are pleased to announce a relaunch of our identity, starting with our new logo and this website. This logo represents a step forward towards a more digital and modern approach to journalism, while still maintaining our values.

The Daily Q's new logo
The Daily Q’s new logo

We are also rolling out several new sections for the newspaper, including: our magazine section, where we hope to publish your more creative and expressive content; our comics page, where, hopefully, we can laugh about shared hilarities of life in Education City; and our newly-launched social media accounts for Instagram and Snapchat (follow us @yourtdq)! We are also planning on making our stories more interactive, so that news can be presented in an innovative way. This process is gradual, and we cannot be successful without the support of our readers and publishers.

We are excited to have you join us as we take this bold step, and we hope you enjoy the results as much as we enjoyed putting them together.

Read below the congratulatory notes from NU-Q’s Dean and TDQ Publisher Everette Dennis and Arthur Sulzberger, Jr., the publisher of The New York Times who also participated in the launch of TDQ six years ago.






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