Graduating Senior Profile: Sandeep Pamulapati


Photo by Syed Owais Ali

By Rumana Shaikh

Photo by Syed Owais Ali
Photo by Syed Owais Ali


“Sandeep has just been a young man who constantly puts a smile on my face. I think that’s one of his missions in life, to always keep me laughing,” said LaKisha Tillman, student activities and residence life coordinator at Northwestern University in Qatar.

According to his friends and colleagues, Sandeep Pamulapati, a communication senior at NU-Q, is known as a talented filmmaker and a jovial person.

“I always wanted to study filmmaking. NU-Q turned me into a more creative person— I see a story unfolding in anything and everything around me,” said Pamulapati.

Pamulapati has been an active member of the NU-Q community, having been a part of NU-Q’s student government, Media Awards Committee, Film Society and the New Student Orientation Program. He also started the gaming club at NU-Q.

Pamulapati also enjoys being a little adventurous. “Something from my life that stands out is the time I traveled to three countries in Europe (Belgium, France and the Netherlands) without telling anyone. It was like a psychological reset button and was really invigorating,” he said.

In 2012, Pamulapati was part of a near fatal car crash. “It made me more mature as a person. I guess it was one of those life-changing moments that make you see the bigger picture. You become more responsible and accountable for your actions,” he said.

“Even in the hospital bed, he was making jokes when I walked in,” said Tillman, who visited Pamulapati after his accident. “He’s a really special guy. He always wants us to have fun and touches your heart because he’s just a really nice person,” she said.

“Throughout my time at NU-Q, Sandeep has been one of my good friends,” said Saad Khan, another communication senior at NU-Q. “He’s a great friend and a technically gifted guy. I’m looking forward to watching more of his movies.”

In the future, Pamulapati hopes to become a filmmaker and possibly get into the teaching profession.


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