What you need to know about the latest winter housing policies


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Meher Mehtab, Staff Reporter

Earlier this month, Hamad Bin Khalifa University Housing and Residence Life officially amended its new winter housing policies, extending the fall semester housing contract end date to Dec. 22, instead of Dec. 15 as was previously announced.

“We acknowledge that the timing of the changes to the Housing Contract was not convenient for everyone in our community,” HRL announced in an email. “We sincerely appreciate all of your concerns and would like to use this opportunity to address these important questions.”

Here are the highlights of the new policies, as explained to The Daily Q by Housing Coordinator at HRL Adil Elshaigi.


Do students have to pay for staying in their room over the winter break if they are returning in spring?

Yes, but only if they are staying in their room from Dec. 23-29 2016 – the official winter break period for 2016 per the housing contract.


How much will residents be charged from Dec. 23-29?
Residents will be charged a weekly rate depending on the type of room they are staying in. Refer to TDQ’s previous story for details on the weekly rates.  


What about storage, if students are not staying over the winter break?

Residents will not be charged for leaving their belongings in the room, as long as they are returning to the same room in spring and are not in the room from Dec. 23-29. They also do not need to pack their belongings into boxes if they are assigned the same room for spring.


If a resident is not returning in spring, when does he or she has to check out?
Residents not returning in spring will need to empty their rooms and check out by Dec. 22, 2016. No storage facilities will be provided by HRL.


Will the above policies also apply next year?
No. From the next academic year, HRL will charge students for the full duration of the winter break, as was announced in September.


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