Happy Places, Happy Faces: Students’ Favorite Spots around EC

Being happy in life is extremely important, but in the chaos of the everyday, we put our own happiness aside and cater to the world’s needs. From endless pre-class readings, busy hours on the job, or even tidying up that messy dorm that you keep putting off. Don’t worry, we are all on the same boat! In this fast life where we are ordered to keep up with an ever-accelerating pace, we all need a safe haven where we can soothe our minds and indulge in the little things that life has to offer us.

The Daily Q spoke with the people of Education City about their favorite happy spots around campus and the reasons they love them.


Shamali Dorm Cafeteria

Originally from Penang, Malaysia, Linda Ridzuan is a freshman at Georgetown University in Qatar. While pursuing a major in international politics and getting accustomed to university life, Ridzuan has found a little spot in EC that brings her comfort. When she is not busy studying, she relaxes in a sunny corner in the Shamali dorm cafeteria. Why? Because in the evening, the spot is relatively warmer than other places in the building, and hence, more comfortable to study and work in, she says. The beautiful view outside its windows doesn’t hurt either.

The view from the Shamali cafeteria window. Photo by Ena Palaska.

HBKU Student Center

Rozaleen Aleyadeh is a second-year medical student at Weill Cornell Medicine-Qatar. This Jordanian doctor-to-be has been living in Qatar for four years and is already well-acquainted with the splendor of Education City facilities. Her favorite spot:  the Student Center. Why? “It’s the little cats that one can find around the Student Center. They help me relieve stress in exam season and are simply so adorable.” The Student Center, also known by students as “the living room” of Education City, ranks high among the favorite places for many students, as it offers many activities such as bowling, basketball, volleyball and more.

Entrance to Student Centre. Photo by Ena Palaska.

Georgetown University in Qatar Smoking Area

Islom Narzikulov, a freshman at Georgetown University in Qatar, is an international student from Uzbekistan and hopes to major in international Economics. During his first month in Doha, he quickly found a good spot to hang around: the smoking area in GU-Q. What makes this place special for him is the fact that he can hang out with his friends outdoors when the weather is nice. Narzikulov adds that he likes to go there to gather his thoughts, think about his future plans and simply recharge his energy for the day, and the beauty of the courtyard allows him to indulge in the alone time he seeks.

Smoking lounge in Georgetown University in Qatar. Photo by Ena Palaska.

Oxygen Park

Houyeme Kantas, a student in the Academic Bridge Program, says her favorite spot in Education City is The Oxygen Park. “I have fallen in love since the first time I’ve been there.” The reasons for her answer lies in the simple fact that the beautiful green space and scenery of the park have a calming and relaxing effect on her. As a nature lover, she has seen many beautiful places but when it comes to this park, “it becomes a magical place during sunrise” she says. During the winter months, Kantas says she gets inspired by the beautiful scenery and likes to spend as much of her time outside, owing to the cooler weather.

Oxygen Park green space. Photo by Ena Palaska.

Skate Park

Sida Lai, a Northwestern University in Qatar freshman from China, says the Skate Park in EC reigns supreme in his heart. “I love skateboarding so much, imagine my happiness when I found out there is an actual place for me to do what I love!” Lai is not into sports and doesn’t like the gym very much, so skating is a sweet spot for him “It’s a way for me to keep fit and have a lot of fun while doing it,” he says. He doesn’t only skate around for fun. He also uses it as a mode of transportation when he misses the shuttles. One could say that the whole of EC is his skate park.

The Skate Park in Education City. Photo by Ena Palaska.

Having a place that feels like happiness is important, whether it be a sunny little corner or a big avenue. When we feel like a complete mess, we need something to cheer us up. If you find yourself in this situation, invite a couple of friends and just hang out at your favorite spot. Nothing beats the feeling of being comfortable and relaxed with good company. If you still haven’t found your perfect place don’t despair. Our advice is to get out there, explore Education City and its quirky little corners.

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