Things graduating seniors need to know

As the academic year comes to an end, graduating students from Education City campuses have many tasks on their agendas before they officially depart their universities. The Daily Q has compiled important information to help the seniors with the transition.

What happens to my residence permit provided by my university?
New alumni typically have about three months after graduation to either cancel their Qatar Foundation RP or transfer their sponsorship to another company or body.

How do I cancel my RP?
Submit your Qatar ID and passport to the international experience coordinator at your university, who will forward the request to Qatar Foundation. Prior to submission, if you own a vehicle, you must transfer your ownership registration to another resident and have all your traffic violations paid.

When do I have to leave Qatar if my RP is cancelled?
Residents have seven days to exit the country after their RP gets cancelled.

How do I transfer my sponsorship from Qatar Foundation to the company I will work at?
You need to present copies of your Qatar ID, passport, employment letter or contract and your employer’s valid computer card, which shows the authorized signatories of the company. You must also ensure any outstanding dues with QF Finance are settled. When all of these requirements are met, QF will issue you a No Objection Certificate to transfer your sponsorship. Your employer will then complete the transfer process from there.

How do I transfer my sponsorship from under my family’s company to the company I will work at?
Your family’s company will need to issue you a NOC to transfer your sponsorship. Your employer will then complete the transfer process from there.

How long can I stay at HBKU Student Housing after graduation?
While the last day of Spring 2017 housing term is May 5, graduating seniors can stay an extra week free of charge till May 11. To avail the extra week extension, seniors needed to have emailed Housing and Residence Life by April 20.

Graduates cannot stay in the residence halls past the end of the housing term and must contact HBKU’s Guest Services (Amanah Hall in Janoubi) for availability, rates and requirements of extra stay. When leaving your room, make sure you follow the check-out procedure and clear your account of any outstanding balances to avoid any inconveniences or incur extra charges.

Can I stay at HBKU Student Housing while taking a summer course or looking for a job?
If you are enrolled in a summer course or have another academic requirement, such as an internship verified by your university, then you are able to stay in the residence halls during the summer. You must apply for summer housing and pay the fixed weekly rate.

What else do I need to know?
While Education City universities hold graduation ceremonies right after the end of the academic year, the official diplomas are typically handed out later after students have completed the logistical and administrative processes required for graduation. These requirements vary from university to university. At Northwestern University in Qatar, these include:

○ Returning equipment borrowed from university (MacBook, cameras, etc.)
○ Returning items borrowed from library (books, movies, etc.)
○ Returning graduation regalia
○ Returning building IDs (student ID, vehicle ID, etc.)
○ Transferring or canceling your residence permit


The information above was provided by Tiffany Ho, international experience manager at NU-Q and Matthew Nelson, assistant director at HBKU Housing and Residence Life. It may not be applicable to all graduating seniors so please contact concerned personnel at your university for individual cases or further details.



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