Bin Laden’s death sparks worldwide jubilation, fears: NU-Q journalism juniors cover it all from Washington

Crowds gathered in front of the White House as President Obama announced the death of Osama bin Laden
Photo By Zainab Sultan


The killing of Osama bin Laden by U.S. forces in Pakistan has drawn praise and sighs of relief worldwide but has also sparked fears of reprisals by his followers in Al Qaeda’s terrorist network.


The U.S. armed forces has ordered military bases around the world into a higher state of readiness and issued a worldwide travel warning to U.S. citizens in volatile areas to limit their movements.


Nonetheless, the mood was jubilant in Washington, D.C. and New York City late Sunday and early Monday as thousands cheered the demise of the man accused of masterminding 9/11, the most devastating attacks on America since the bombing of Pearl Harbor.


The Daily Q was there for it all, in words, in photos, in video, on Facebook and on Twitter. Coverage continues and will be updated as the news breaks.


Crowds celebrated most of the night after the Obama’s announcement.
Photo By Nazneen Zahan
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