How to Plan the Perfect Outdoor Picnic Amidst COVID-19

Abdulmajeed Adam, Magazine Writer

A convenient and easy plan 

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As the summer heat in Qatar subsides and fall approaches, the time for the perfect outdoor picnic has arrived! Although a picnic outside is a terrific way to have fun with your friends and family, gathering in a public place during a pandemic can prove to be a potential risk. Even still, an outdoor gathering is relatively safer than having one indoors. That is why The Daily Q has brought you a simple plan for the best COVID-19-safe outdoor picnic you can put together!

Check the weather  

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You need to consider checking the weather forecast before planning your picnic. This will help you choose a day that’s not too sunny or too windy. Avoid rainy, dusty, and stormy weather– you don’t want your picnic blanket flying away as you put the first sandwich into your mouth! We recommend “Plume Labs: Air Quality App” to check the quality of the air prior to the picnic day. You can also visit the Civil Aviation Authority’s website to check temperature, wind, sea state, and humidity levels. The website includes a three-day general forecast for different locations in Qatar, such as Dukhan, Al Khor, Abu Samra, etc.

Choose a convenient location 

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This is an important step– you need to choose a good location. Some places limit entry to their grounds to families, so you need to put this into consideration if you’re going with friends only. It is also important to keep in mind that places with facilities such as bathrooms and prayer rooms can be particularly convenient for the people in your group. A few recommendations are Al Bidda Park, Al Wakrah Public Garden, and Onaiza Park. These locations are big enough for you to ensure proper social distancing at all times, they provide plenty of space for parking, have gazebos for you to enjoy a good view, and offer bike rentals.

Make a checklist 

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Sanitary Measures 

Now that you have picked a good day for your picnic, you need to start preparing your essentials! Before planning to get anything, pay close attention to the precautionary measures set by the government for your safety and the safety of others. Make sure every member of your picnic party has a facemask (don’t be afraid to keep extra too) and equip yourself with plenty of hand sanitizer. Also, consider buying and keeping paper soap so you can wash your hands anywhere at any time! According to current government regulations, an outdoor public gathering should not exceed 30 people.

The Seating Situation 

The next thing on your list is having a blanket, carpet, or sheet handy for seating. Consider getting a comfortable carpet big enough for your group and for your food. Bring chairs for people who may not want to sit on the ground. We recommend quad chairs that are big, durable and comfortable. You might want to include pillows on your checklist too–they make sitting on the floor very comfortable, especially if you choose to lie down. If you end up choosing a chilly day for your picnic, don’t forget to take a blanket in case it gets chilly!

The Food 

No picnic is complete without some delicious food, snacks, and beverages. Make sure to satisfy all preferences by preparing at least two different meals, treats, and drinks. Meals can be as complicated as a roasted chicken with saffron rice or as simple as smoked turkey & cheese sandwiches (check out our mouthwatering recipes for lotus french toast, creamy red sauce penne, healthy veggie wraps and iced caramel lattes). Snacks can vary from chocolate and potato chips to crackers and fruits. You can pack both hot and cold beverages, such as mojitos, lemonade, karak, and green tea. Store cold drinks in insulated bottles and hot drinks in a stainless-steel flask. Always bring along enough drinking water!

The Cutlery 

Prepare other essentials like reusable plates, cups, forks, spoons, knives, etc. Using sustainable items (such as reusable cutlery) that you can take home and wash will positively contribute to the environment. Get some trash bags to clean-up after the picnic. Tissue paper is also essential, and if you want to get fancy you can bring wet wipes along too.

The Entertainment

If you want an extra touch of entertainment, you can get some fun games to play with your loved ones like chess or card games. We recommend games like Catan, UNO, Werewolf and RISK: Global Domination.

Put gas in your car 


 Make sure to put enough gas in your car a day before your picnic day. Petrol stations are usually crowded, especially on the weekends, so following this step will save you a lot of time on the day of the picnic. This will also ensure that you have enough gas for a trip to and from your house, especially if you’re going to a destination that is far away.  

Go early 

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There’s no specific time to go on a picnic, everyone has different preferences when it comes to timings. However, the earlier you leave the house, the better the space you’ll find. Arriving at your destination early will give you the opportunity to choose the perfect location to lay out your picnic.

Have fun 

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You made it! Enjoy your picnic spread with the people you love; dig into the delicious food you’ve put together. If there are other people in your surrounding area, always make sure to keep your distance from them and wear a mask.

The post-picnic clean-up 

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 Don’t forget to clean up! Get rid of any trash in the proper garbage bins available. If there aren’t any, collect your garbage in bags to deposit in a garbage bin on your way home. This will leave the space clean and ready for other people to use. Before leaving, make sure you have packed all your belongings by referring to the checklist. Always double-check! And happy picnicking!

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