Not Your Daily Stories Season 2 Ep.1

In our first episode of the season, we explore the challenges of online learning and how people in our community here at Education City have been coping. We talk to people about their experiences last spring, anxieties about the fall and also their hopes for the future. Tune in on SoundCloud to listen to incoming students, returning students, staff and faculty, and recent graduates from universities around Education City.


This episode uses these sounds from freesound:

Guitar Jam in Ableton Live by ValentinSosnitskiy ( )

Music Box Melody 1 by DRFX ( )

Electric Guitar 77bpm Fm by itsmochajones ( )

Guitar Atmosphere Reverb by Keffy.Stay ( )

acoustic guitar duet by graham_makes ( )

sad song.mp3 by cheesepuff ( )

Snowfall final.mp3 by ShadyDave ( )


This episode also uses music from YouTube Audio Library:

Allegro by Emmit Fenn

Wander by. Emmit Fenn

Sleeper by Steve Adams

Spring Migration by The Great North Sound Society

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